A little bit vintage, a little bit preppy,  100% me



It’s been a much warmer winter this year than last, but we had a pretty snowy week in spite of that. Snow makes dressing semi-professionally for teaching somewhat of a challenge – heels are pretty much out when you have to cross campus from building to building – but I’ve found a good base combination … Continue reading 2.18.16


Feeling very 1940s this week and fresh off some wonderful Goodwill finds, including this silk print blouse and woven leather heels. I also managed to (somewhat) rope my cat into the pictures. Blouse: Thrifted Skirt: Vintage Belt: Vintage Pumps: Thrifted Stockings: Thrifted Earrings: Borrowed Necklace: Charming Charlie’s


My sister and I have been doggedly working our way through the excellent British series Foyle’s War, and it’s made me sort of desperate to perfect the art of the Victory Roll, which I’ve always had trouble with. After a week of trying to get my hair into these lovely, 40s-style rolls, I finally succeeded today. Even better, … Continue reading 5.30.15


Breaking out the summer whites and my new fedora for Texas heat. Tunic: American Eagle Jeans: Thrifted (J. Crew) Sandals: Galeries Lafayette Scarf: Thrifted Hat: Gap


Business casual with a subtle late-60s twist in the skirt. Blouse: Thrifted (Ann Taylor) Cardigan: Thrifted (Ann Taylor) Skirt: Thrifted (Banana Republic) Pumps: Audrey Brooke Earrings: American Eagle Watch: Givenchy


Pre-sunset photo on one of the first truly good spring days. Dress: Old Navy Belt: Alloy Sandals: Thrifted (H&M) Earrings: Gift Necklace: Charming Charlie’s Cardigan: Aerie


I’ve been watching a mixture of French (Populaire), American (Mad Men) and British (The Hour) takes on the 50s and 60s lately and it inspired me. Nothing like a 50s-60s-70s vibe for a late night library session. Turtleneck: Target Wool Cardigan: vintage Skirt: Urban Outfitters Tights: Target Pumps: Marks & Spencer Earrings: American Eagle


Another day of blowing snow means snow boots and my chunky knit cardigan for a day doing class readings in a local coffee shop. The snow meant there was a lot of squinting involved in the picture-taking process, but oh well. C’est la vie. Denim button down: Gap Knit Cardigan: thrifted Scarf: vintage Scarf pin: vintage … Continue reading 2.21.15


It was a blustery 0° in Ithaca today. That’s right, 0° Fahrenheit. I broke out the long underwear and my down vest, which along with my duck boots has been one of the best purchases I ever made for winter wear. Shortly after taking these photos I tripped and fell face-first in a snow drift, which ended … Continue reading 2.15.15


Blouse: vintage 1960s Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft Shoes: vintage Jewelry: Target

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